Let’s Talk About Me


Who am I?
Having lived in five different countries, I’m a cultural mix. Spice of the east, a toss of the west wishing to be a part of the European. I can read and write four different languages. I have been an avid reader and travel enthusiast my entire life. I am an empath who often feels lost and confused about where I belong. I’m on my way of figuring out what that means and will let you know once I find out. I did my schooling partly in the middle east and partly in India. I went to India to pursue my Engineering degree while my family moved to Indonesia and then Singapore. I am currently in New York, pursuing my Graduate degree in Business and Analytics. I belong to a family of Engineers, Writers, Teachers, Linguists, Therapists, and Philanthropists. I’ve had the privilege of living with people who belong to different disciples of education and that has influenced my world view of work, travel, and education. Right now, I am at a point in my life where I want to give my self the opportunity to grow and explore my talent as a writer, photographer, cook, and a travel enthusiast. That’s my picture on the top 🙂
Why does writing mean to me?
Well- writing to me is very meditative. It’s an easy way to put my thoughts down into words and express what myself within the comfort of my solitude. When I write, I also do not feel pressured or watched, which gives me the space to be myself. Thus, it’s a very powerful platform for me to share my experiences and talk about things that matter to me.
What do I want to achieve with this blog?
I’ve realized that I’ve used humor my whole life to cope with absurd situations. Reading piles and piles of Harry Potters and P. G. Woodhouse has empowered me with a combination of imagination and tongue-in-cheek humor that I use to express myself.
I have dabbled with writing and journaling dozens of times before, but have never committed to it. Hopefully, this time will be different.
Said the same two lines in a whole different light, didn’t I?? 😉

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