For The Love Of Writing

The much-awaited trip has begun. After weeks of uncertainty and fickle mindedness, I’ve finally packed my bags and have head out for what I hope will be a trip I will always remember. I’ve always had a fascination with the mountains. Maybe it was the stories grandma told me about her life in the mountains and everything magic like about it. Or maybe it was just the escapist in me, reaching out… desperately searching for a better place to live in. I don’t know yet. The idea of being cooped up in a cozy loft on top of a hill overlooking the mountain ranges must be very romantic to me, I suppose.

I started my journey to the beautiful city of Sathkol at the break of dawn on the last Wednesday of this month. I was supposed to reach there a day earlier, but having comfortably overslept and missed my train, I managed to catch the next one from Gurgaon to Kathgodam next morning. I got off at Kathgodam in joggers and with unkempt hair (as groggy and shabby as one can be) and took a cab from the station to Sathkol, where I planned to spend the rest of my week.

The drive till Sathkol was undoubtedly very breathtaking. Situated 43.6 km from its district capital Nainital, Sathkol is a village panchayat rich in beauty and nature.

I was happy to find that the place was very clean and pretty. While I smiled at the chilly wind brushing past my hair, my Bangalore accustomed lungs felt very unsettled by the lack of pollutants in the air. How do I do this? I frowned and thought to myself. Unbelievably excited I realize, finally – my exploration begins!

Where am I headed to you ask?

Join me 🙂

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