Boggarts are Buggers

I’m so excited! We had a very interesting defense against the dark arts class today, and once I left I just knew I had to write about it! We have a new teacher called Professor Lupin this year. Honestly, I’m kind of relieved that maniac Lockharts out of the picture. I really hope the new guy is better. It’s weird as it is that he’s rumored to be a werewolf, which I think is a tad bit ridiculous. I mean, what’s next? “Vampires”? The “Loch Ness monster”? Silly, I tell you. I bet he’s any day better than that self-absorbed scamming bimbo. It’s kind of sad how things ended for with him the basilisc though.

Anyway, so we were in class with Prof. Lupin who was standing next to what looked like a wardrobe that was wobbling! It was all very confusing because It looked more like he had a giant rat locked in that trunk. Finally, he told us what it was. A boggart, it seems! They’re supposed to be shapeshifters that take up the shape of whatever it thinks would frighten us the most. He said that in the darkness it does not assume a form, but when let out he would immediately become what each of us fears most. The idea was to confront this boggart and Prof. Lupin lined us up and asked us to come forward one by one.

Neville went first. The poor thing was trembling to pieces! When asked, what his worst fear was Neville admits itsPRofessor-Boggart-SnapeProfessor Snape. Lupin asks him to picture his grandmothers clothes, and whenhe faces the boggart, to picture Snape in them. Neville does so, and Snape appears in a vulture-topped hat with a red handbag and a lace-trimmed dress. the entire class burst out in howls and laughter!Ron went next, and suddenly the boggart turned into a huge spider that could touch the roof! My gosh, It was so scary, but thank god Ron didn’t freeze like he always does.He cast the spell and the spider was slipping on rollerblades. It was the funniest thing! I knew my turn was next and honestly, I didn’t want to go, cause I didn’t want to know what it would turn into, but I went anyway.

It’s hard to know what it feels like until you’re faced with your worst fears. The minute the boggart was leashed on me, it kept changing shape – turning from one loved one to another. Each person saying the most brutally painful things to me such as –

“I’m only putting up with you because I have to”,
“You’re going to lose control of your life, and there’s nothing you can do about it”,
“Don’t kid yourself, you’ll never get out of this”,
“It’s just a matter of time. Everyone you care about will find out you’re not good enough”, “You know they don’t really care about you right?”

It was a chilling experience like no other. Being gripped by an insidious voice that crept up inside my head… and there was nothing I could do about it. I stood there paralyzed by fear and anxiety when the panic spirals began. I could just not stop thinking of all the horrific things that could happen with people that I cared for. They could abandon me, turn against me or worst of all, they could just die and I would lose them forever! Or maybe I would die because I can’t bear the thought of losingthem! Who knows what my mind was construing when it was busy twisting my reality into a fictitious nightmare that was never going to happen.


Anyway, all this death and destruction really got to me. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and if I didn’t do something about it I’d lose my mind. A calmer voice in the back of my mind said “It’s okay. It’s just anxiety. That’s the nature of it! It’ll twist things around and try to scare you but don’t be frightened of it. None of these things are actually happening, it’s just your mind playing tricks on you. I whistled slowly and tried to think of something funny. I imagined all the people the boggart kept turning into popped in a Ton-Tongue Toffee (a rainbow-colored sweet invented by Fred and George) which made their tongues the size of slugs! As I yelled the spell and the shape-shifting boggart had turned into Hermione and was hiccupping with an oversized tongue hanging out of its mouth! The whole class started laughing at a mad Hermione, who seemed like she was trying to yell but obviously couldn’t, and then Lupin laughed and asked the next person to come forward.

Humor can be a powerful tool to change perspective and let go of toxic ways of thinking. I’ve been keeping that one close to me! Every now and then my real life boggarts creep up on me in the most unexpected ways, agonizing me and twisting things around. But as you know, I shall not be fooled no more!

So to them, I quietly smile and say…







Note:I remembered my aunt talk about anxiety and how it was a learned thing. It could be a critical parent, a strict teacher, an intimidating sibling or a toxic friend – we all rub off on each other much more than we realize. But like any other skill that can be learned and unlearned, anxiety can be unlearned as well. Through meditation, therapy, exercise and/or medication, you can challenge your toxic thought patterns and change them to a healthier way of thinking.


This is a very amateur attempt at trying to answer this particular question I saw on Quora, and in all probability is utter rubbish, but Im still going to try.

Declutter your mind:


I had a very random and unexpected moment of realization on the way back home today. I was taking an auto back to my place. Now, there are two routes to get to my block. The first is the main road, which is my preferred route simply because it has lesser traffic and people in general, while the second is a shorter one because it follows the inner lanes but tends to get jammed often.

I was perfectly aware of the possible nuisance the shorter route could cause, and since I am a person of negligible patience, I would usually stick to the main road… But today I was slightly distracted with a call and I absolutely forgot to tell the autowala to continue on the usual route. The resultant of this absentmindedness was that he took a right instead, thinking that he would take the shorter route and we would reach faster, which in turn resulted in him driving right into the hurly-burly of that lane. And at that point, amidst all the chaos and a throbbing nerve, did I realize that this is exactly what MY state of mind mostly feels like! :D

Our minds are in such a constant state of unrest with everything thats going on that we dont even realize the amount of traffic all those thoughts are causing; Im not even sure if I can call it a train of thoughts, because at least a train has a certain order and sequence about it..This just felt like a death race between trashy cars! Most of it was just noise! Other peoples noise! Noise that you dont even need, and would gladly do without. Only when youdeclutteryour mind and reduce the traffic will you finally have the whole lane to yourself. Only then will you really be able to sit back, listen to the music (Your thoughts, your emotions, your ambitions, and your motivations) andonly then will you really be able to enjoy the ride!

Apologies for only listing out one, but if and when you do get the time and patience to ponder over this answer is when you will likely realize that this particular ability is most possibly of paramount importance.

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For The Love Of Writing

The much-awaited trip has begun. After weeks of uncertainty and fickle mindedness, I’ve finally packed my bags and have head out for what I hope will be a trip I will always remember. I’ve always had a fascination with the mountains.Maybe it was the stories grandma told me about her life in the mountains and everything magic like about it. Or maybe it was just the escapist in me, reaching out… desperately searchingfor a better place to live in. I don’t know yet. The idea of being cooped up in a cozy loft on top of a hill overlooking the mountain ranges must be very romantic to me, I suppose.

I started my journeyto the beautiful city of Sathkolat the break of dawn on the last Wednesdayof this month. I was supposed to reach there a day earlier, but having comfortably overslept and missed my train, I managed to catch the next one from Gurgaon to Kathgodam next morning.I got off at Kathgodam in joggers and with unkempt hair (as groggy and shabby as one can be) and took a cab from the station to Sathkol, where I planned to spend the rest of my week.

The drive till Sathkol was undoubtedly very breathtaking. Situated 43.6 km from its district capital Nainital, Sathkol is a village panchayat rich in beauty and nature.

I was happy to find that the place was very clean and pretty. While I smiled at the chilly wind brushing past my hair, my Bangalore accustomed lungs felt very unsettled by the lack of pollutants in the air. How do I do this? I frowned and thought to myself. Unbelievably excited I realize, finally – my exploration begins!

Where am I headed to you ask?

Join me

Let’s Talk About Me


Who am I?
Having lived in five different countries, I’m a cultural mix. Spice of the east, a toss of the west wishing to be a part of the European. I can read and write four different languages. I have been an avid reader and travel enthusiast my entire life. I am an empath who often feels lost and confused about where I belong. I’m on my way of figuring out what that means and will let you know once I find out. I did my schooling partly in the middle east and partly in India. I went to India to pursue my Engineering degree while my family moved to Indonesia and then Singapore. I am currently in New York, pursuing my Graduate degree in Business and Analytics. I belong to a family of Engineers, Writers, Teachers, Linguists, Therapists, and Philanthropists. I’ve had the privilege of living with people who belong to different disciples of education and that has influenced my world view of work, travel, and education. Right now, I am at a point in my life where I want to give my self the opportunity to grow and explore my talent as a writer, photographer, cook, and a travel enthusiast. That’s my picture on the top
Why does writing mean to me?
Well- writing to me is very meditative. It’s an easy way to put my thoughts down into words and express what myself within the comfort of my solitude. When I write, I also do not feel pressured or watched, which gives me the space to be myself. Thus, it’s a very powerful platform for me to share my experiences and talk about things that matter to me.
What do I want to achieve with this blog?
I’ve realized that I’ve used humor my whole life to cope with absurd situations. Reading piles and piles of Harry Potters and P. G. Woodhouse has empowered me with a combination of imagination and tongue-in-cheek humor that I use to express myself.
I have dabbled with writing and journaling dozens of times before, but have never committed to it. Hopefully,this time will be different.
Said the same two lines in a whole different light, didn’t I??