Are You ‘The One’?

It starts in my soul, and I lose all control When you kiss my nose, the feelin' shows 'Cause you make me smile, baby, just take your time now Holdin' me tight, wherever you go - Bubbly, Colbie Caillat All of us have grown up with the concept of the one- the one person we... Continue Reading →

I’ve Got Your Back

Let's talk about Brocode. Bromance. Broism. Bromide? I don't know! All of the above. Except for Bromide. I failed Chemistry 😀 We all know the famous brocode that is honored among bros. These are the obvious rules or guidelines among bros that are religiously followed in order to show loyalty to the pact. Examples: #1 Sisters are off limits #2 Exes are off... Continue Reading →

But, We Were Just Joking Yaar!

"Aur moti! Kya chal raha hai? Khane ke ilava bhi kuch kaam kar liya kar :p" "Are, abhi toh explain kiya tha! Tu bhi na. Tubelight" "Aur chashmish! kitni ungliyan pakad rakhi hain ye?! :') " "Sorry yaar, tu andhere mein dikh nahi raha tha" "Ey Hanger! Kabhi kabar khana bhi kha liya kar"  All... Continue Reading →

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